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What is LocaleDB?

LocaleDB is database-driven web portal with lot of tools, aimed to help and provide support for translators in translation of documents, interface parts, in the way that they can search for term/phrase in database and see comments/notes from other translators and editors (which should/could be specialists in field of terminology) - in such way to achieve some level of similarity. It aims also to provide reference point for terminologists where to get users input, so both sides would be involved in the way to better terminology. It's base is term/phrase database, which can be held comments, notes, additional translations. In future, it will also provide voting, automatic translation of various formats (XML, Gettext PO). LocaleDB aims to provide support for as much languages as needs, not only two or three.

Most active site which uses (and will use) LocaleDB system is termini.laka.lv (http://termini.laka.lv/), which is term database for Latvian Open Source Association translation project, aka LAKA Locale.

Where are we now?

For now, LocaleDB is at 0.2 alpha stage. It provides web interface, using PHP, MySQL and Apache Foundation Web Server with mod_rewrite. You can search, browse for terms, interface is translatable itself, registered users can add comments, administrator can manage users, their posts. It can also manage terms.

Testing & Support

All testing for now happens at already mentioned termini.laka.lv site. We will be very grateful for any user input, but certainly we would be very happy about any translator's feedback. Please use SourceForge.net bugtracker for lvdict project for reporting bugs and requesting features. For other development info (CVS access, TODO lists, Forums, mailing lists) check out project's sf.net home page at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/lvdict/. For support, bugs or any other related question about LocaleDB project please use locale et laka.lv mailing list - as most developers use it for now, as also you can reach us at very active IRC channel at IRCNET #lvdict.

Credits and Thanks

Main developer: Peteris Caune (Pēteris Caune)
Developers: Gints Polis, Peteris Krisjanis (Pēteris Krišjānis)
termini.laka.lv (test site) support: Edgars Jekabsons (Edgars Jēkabsons)

Kaspars Kazarevskis - initial OpenOffice.org term database translation for Latvian;
Michael Dexter - initial OO.o term database translation, user input;

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